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May. 15th, 2013

Conan: Murder magnet, kind of scary

(no subject)

This is flowervillage's idea. All credit goes here them. I also took from Kazuha's journal.

: Hate/intense dislike
: Doesn't know what to make of you/SUSPICIOUS OF YOU FOR SOMETHING
: Acquaintance/getting to know you.
: Kind of liking you/Friends
: Good Friends
: BFF/Family/Will die to protect.
: Maybe, kind of crushing? (I will probably never use this unless Ran shows up. Or maybe on Haibara depending.)
*: They know the secret.
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Mar. 17th, 2013

Conan: Murder magnet, kind of scary

(no subject)

-Threadhopping with this character - yes, no, or what?: Sure, go ahead. Though if it's marked private or really long, it'd be better to ask first.

-Hugging this character?: Not only do I allow it, I encourage it. You can even carry him around~! He's rather light.

Giving this character a kiss?: Well, he looks seven...but it'd also make for lulz if you want too?

-Punching this character (provided they are given an opportunity to fight back): Well, again, he looks seven, so I doubt anyone bigger than him will feel all right doing that. But sure, punching is okay. Just expect a super charged soccer ball in response.

-Is there anything YOU DO NOT WANT MENTIONED near this character?: I'm fine with anything mentioned around him. However, for people who either canonly knows his series (like Shiho supposedly does) or psychics, don't go mentioning he's Kudo Shinichi in front of others please? You can tell him you know who he is though. He'll flail. =D

-Is there anything you need us to KNOW about interacting with this character? Special physical features, fighting abilities, STUFF: He has a bunch of gadgets. Like, half of his outfit is some sort of device. Also, those glasses? No prescription at all. Other than that, Conan is an observant little bugger and will likely pick up a lot from the littlest thing. Also, if he thinks no one is paying attention, he lets his teenager face show through.

-ANYTHING ELSE PLEASE MENTION HERE: ...he's INCREDIBLY short. He's not much taller than a toddler. =/

May. 31st, 2012

Conan: Murder magnet, kind of scary

Misc. Status Stuff

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Sep. 22nd, 2011

Conan: This isn't right

A Certain Kind of Sadness - Log with Beatrice

[He had made the necessary arrangements. As far as Ran and Kogoro knew, he was actually have to spend some time with his 'real parents.' A special trip. As did Jodie, just in case.]

[Hattori, he was off with his actual parents.]

[He told Haibara she could tell Kaito or Hakuba he was off with someone from the Island if they came calling for whatever reason.]

[His parents, he didn't give details. He just said he'd be somewhere safe. They trusted him enough.]

[All with promises to explain why later to those who would question this sudden trip.]

[Of course Haibara and Agasa already knew the truth. And while he hadn't spoken with Beatrice before, he planned to go no matter what anyway. It would have just been nice to not be alone.]

[So after being out of contact with everyone for the past few days, he now stood in front of Beatrice's door, a backpack already on his shoulders, looking like he was all too ready for a trip somewhere, and knocking on the door, even as he stared at the bottom of the door.]

May. 19th, 2011

Conan: Murder magnet, kind of scary

General Interaction

[Need to interact with Conan for some reason, but there's no place else to do it? Feel free to do so here.]

Nov. 15th, 2010

Conan: Murder magnet, kind of scary

Islandbox Roster

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Nov. 14th, 2010

Conan: Clearly i am hearing things

Backdated to day after zombie island.

[He was finally clean, kind of rested (he was still guilting about Hakuba so it was hard to sleep), and having had a decent meal, Conan was feeling a lot more put together and a lot less stressed. Barring the worry about Hakuba reviving or not, he was a lot more relaxed than he had been during that whole affair.]

[However, he still had something to do and after placing the items in a backpack, made his way to the Mansion where Beatrice resided. Not to go in, of course, but he knew he could wait at the rose garden if she wouldn't already be there.]
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Sep. 20th, 2010

Conan: Murder magnet, kind of scary

RL of insanity

[Several hours after a certain incident, Conan and Hakuba are heading to the inn. Conan looking like he just got out of the bath, and his face beet red.]

You know, I really don't need you to follow me. I was acting nuts because of the berry. [Oh, he still had a crush the size of Neo Tokyo on Hakuba, currently, but he was far more coherent than he had been several hours ago.]

((OOC: For Conan to get jumped by the witch harem. Ah, guess sort of treat it like the cabin thread, maybe with more threadhopping.))

Aug. 22nd, 2010

Conan: Murder magnet, kind of scary

Log with Hakuba [With brief appearance by Beatrice.] During week of no magic.

[As soon it wasn't an indecently early hour (though still too early for any person to get up unless they have specific PLANS), Conan was heading for where he knew Hakuba's current room was. He'd come to a decision after talking with Kaito and he wasn't going to let paranoia get him to think up another hundred things to NOT do this.]

[So as soon as he deemed it was fine, he headed for the attic room, knocking at the door at the top of a narrow flight of stairs.]
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Aug. 19th, 2010

Conan: Murder magnet, kind of scary

What? You thought it was done?

Still deciding if I'm including what's happened on the Island after I started writing this or not. It is in all of their pasts, at any rate. Though it would alter Conan not being straight forward with Kaito in the first part....

Also, fic tag~!

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Aug. 16th, 2010

Conan: Murder magnet, kind of scary

Essay 4

Conan and Tear
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Conan and Ayumu
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Conan and Asakura
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Conan on Evatrice
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Conan on Suiseiseki
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Conan: Murder magnet, kind of scary

Essay 3

Conan and Kaito!
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Conan: Murder magnet, kind of scary

Essay 2

Conan and Haibara essay.
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Conan: Murder magnet, kind of scary

Log with Haibara (So many logs.)

[Conan really was a busy bee lately. Currently, he was looking for Haibara. Then again, it probably wouldn't be too hard since she usually stayed in one place for long stretches anyway, doing some sort of reading of one form or another.]


Aug. 15th, 2010

Conan: Murder magnet, kind of scary

Essay 1

Conan and Beatrice. Ooo boy, this will be long. http://windsofpresent.livejournal.com/800.html
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Aug. 14th, 2010

Conan: Murder magnet, kind of scary

Log with Kaito

[There's gonna be a kind of annoyed Conan coming into the inn today. And he's gonna head to the room in search of someone who happened to be there!]

Kaito, I need to talk to you. Now.

Jul. 21st, 2010

Conan: Murder magnet, kind of scary

Log with Beatrice

[It was a simple enough note given to a goatman Butler. To GL from S. Should something have happened to the note, it would make no sense to anyone else. Should they even figure out Golden Land, S for Shinichi was something only Beato could confirm. So even if they saw him give the note, he would simply be a messenger.]

[It was better to take precautions, after all.]

[So now here he was, in the Golden Land. It was weird that he DID end up there and it was on the list of 'things to figure out' but that was for later. For now, he was waiting for Beatrice and enjoying a cup of coffee.]

[...admittedly, the fact the place gave him free access to the drink was a plus.]

Jul. 20th, 2010

Conan: Murder magnet, kind of scary

Drabble thing




"Well, Chibi-Battler? You've finally figured out the truth. What do you say?" Beatrice asked.

"That...all the evidences points to it, but that can't...." Conan said, staring at Beatrice like she'd grown three heads.

"You know it to be true," Beatrice said with a sage nod.

"And you...you did it...."



"....will you stop staring at me like that?"


"Can you blame me? My title was associated with them! I couldn't have my name associated with a family that killed themselves like that!"

"That...you know what, you're right. It was totally magic! You're a witch! Because there's no way people could be THAT STUPID!"
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Jul. 13th, 2010

Conan: Murder magnet, kind of scary

Log with Kaito and Conan

[Ever since the Angel incident, Conan had been thinking too much. Partly from the shock of the incident, but also because of something else. What Kaito said and what he did...not to mention what he did.

There were questions to be asked and answered and he had to do it soon. Especially with how things were going with two new arrivals, he needed to settle something.

So he peeked into the room of the inn, looking for Kaito.]

Kaito-niichan, are you here?

Jul. 7th, 2010

Conan: Murder magnet, kind of scary

(no subject)

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